Are you a flux agent?

The terminology of generation Flux has initially emerged in Fast Company magazine, as a mindset shared by people who adapts to disruption of modern chaos,  embraces instability, tolerates–and even enjoys–recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions. In a communication at, Bethany Miller shared her on-going research effort  to academically define this concept.

Moving away from the terminology of generation, which tends to be associated to age rather than mindsets, she  has introduced the terminology of Flux agents. Her research work  shows that flux agents are best characterized  by their boundary-less career attitude, with multi-functional careers,  their intrinsic motivation and their growth mindset. Flux mindset is not a permanent personality trait: it can change with the context  and over time.  You can find models of flux agency in history, in current business life – Steve Jobs is often quoted as exemplary flux agent-  and even as movies characters – like Indiana Jones. But Flux Agents do not have to be super heroes –  you certainly meet flux agents in your day to day life. And if you are one, it will be quite reassuring to put a name on the fire that drives you.

You can learn more on flux agents and take the test to know how flux you are  and contribute to Bethany’s research on

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