How AI will accelerate Digital Transformation of sales

At Digital Sales World event in Dublin today, lots of talks about how Artificial Intelligence will impact sales role in the near future. Will sales soon be performed by robots rather than human being? From most interaction, I take away ( with some relief) that it rather looks like AI will change sales but will not replace sales.

AI may indeed be an opportunity for sellers to save time in transactional activities to invest in value-added interactions, and become more productive by interacting with their clients at the right time with the relevant content, following AI recommendations based on analytics. However, in most cases, human interaction is still adding value to assess the validity of the AI recommendation, show empathy and develop deep relationships with buyers, master storytelling, and articulate complex solutions.

For instance, Debbie Dunnan, CVP for Inside Sales at Microsoft, shared how her organization is developing an impressive framework to provide to MS Inside sales around the world the vision, capabilities, culture, and platform to match the potentially conflicting requirements of scale and customization. And Martin Moran, MD at, highlighted that our clients today expect a “Netflix-like” experience in their B2B interaction, with the level of personalization and recommendation that we are now familiar with, in our private life. While few companies have implemented full AI in their B2B sales process yet, he assessed that 75% of business executives plan to actively implement AI in the next 3 years.

So stay posted! AI will not only change mobility, medicine or retail, let me predict that it will also change significantly the world of B2B Digital sellers in the coming years, and will give a real competitive advantage to the first movers.

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